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Rythm: 3/4, tempo: 106 ===== Intro: [D] | [D] | [Bm] | [Bm] | [A] | [A] | [D] 1. Loving can [D] hurt [D] [Gbm] Loving can [D] hurt some-[Bm] times [Bm] But it’s the [Dbm] only thing that [A6] I know [G] | [G] When it get...
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Sáng tác: Ns Taylor Swift
LOVE STORY - Taylor Swift Intro (điệu: Chưa chon) [D] | [D] | [A] | [A] | [Bm] | [Bm] | [Em] | [Em7] Verse 1: [D] We were both young when I first saw you I [G] close my [Em7] eyes and the flashback [E] starts I'm standin...
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Lose Control

Sáng tác: Teddy Swims
Lose Control - Teddy Swims Nhịp: 3/4, tempo: 158, điệu: Slow Surf ===== Key: [Gbm], capo II., chơi tone: [Em] [Em] | [Em] | [G] | [G] | [C] | [C] | [B] | [B] | [Em] Something's got a hold of [Em] me lately No, I [G] don'...
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Cheri Cheri Lady

Sáng tác: Dieter Bohlen
Cheri Cheri Lady - Modern Talking Nhịp: 3/4, tempo: 59, điệu: Ballad ===== [Dm] | [Dm] | [Bb] | [Gm] | [C] | [Dm] [Dm] | [Dm] | [Bb] | [Gm] | [C] | [Dm] Oh, I [Dm] can not explain every [Am7] time its the same Oh I [G] f...

With All I Am

Sáng tác: Reuben Morgan
With All I Am - Hillsong Worship Nhịp: 4/4, tempo: 136, điệu: Slow Ballad ===== [Bm] | [Gbm] | [G] | [G] | [A] | [A] | [A] | [A] | [D] [D] Into Your hands [Gbm/Db] [Gbm7] I commit a-[Bm] gain With [Gb] all I [G] am, for...


Sáng tác: Ns TheFaRat
THE CALLING - TheFaRat Hợp âm dạo (Ballad): [Em] | [Bm] | [D] | [A] | [Em] | [Bm] | [D] | [A] [Em] Still and [Bm] silent [D] Calm before the [A] storm [Em] Gold and [Bm] diamond [D] Jewels behind the [Am] throne Into the...
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Marina Superstar (song)

  Marina Superstar (song) - Emilio Katan & Micaela Incitti Nhịp: 4/4, tempo: 113, điệu: Chưa chọn ===== Marina, [E] Marina En-[G] joys singing tunes to [Am] lobsters. Ma-[E] rina, Marina And [G] other mari-ine a...

We Will Rave

  We Will Rave - Kaleen Nhịp: 4/4, tempo: 140, điệu: Pop ===== Key: [Gm], kẹp Capo III, đánh [Em] [Em] | [C] | [Em] Verse 1: [G] Ice [Em] running through my [C] veins [Bm] You just did it a-[Em] gain Go, 'cause I ca...
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Speak Softly, Love (The Godfather)

Sáng tác: Andy Williams
  Speak Softly, Love (The Godfather) - Andy Williams Nhịp: 4/4, tempo: 146, điệu: Slow Surf ===== Intro - Capo III., chơi tone Am: [A] | [A] | [Dm] | [Dm] | [E] | [E] | [Am] | [Am] | [Am] Speak softly [Am] love and...
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I Will

Sáng tác: John Alexis & LIOHN
  I Will - Central Cee Rythm: 4/4, tempo: 86, Melody: Slow Surf, Rap ===== You put on your [Fm] best 'fit to the club tonight You're tryna find someone to take you [Cm] home and show you love If nobody else will, th...
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Sáng tác: Stephen Sanchez
UNTIL I FOUND YOU - Stephen Sanchez Nhịp: 3/4, tempo: 100, điệu: Slow Rock ===== [G] | [D] | [C] | [Eb] | [Cm] | [G] Verse 1: [G] Georgia [Bm], [Dm] wrap me [C] up in all your [C] I [G] want ya [G], [D] in my arms Oh, [C...
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I Love This Bar

Sáng tác: Toby Keith
  I Love This Bar - Toby Keith Nhịp: 4/4, tempo: 113, điệu: Ballad ===== [D] | [D] | [A]-[D] | [D] We got [D] winners We got [A] losers [G] Chain-smokers and [D] boozers We got [D] yuppies We got [A] bikers We got [...