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  • GOOD TIMESáng tác: Nhạc ngoại

      [Bb] Woah-oh-[Cm] oh, [Eb] Woah-oh-oh [Bb] oh It's always a [Cm] good time [Eb] Woah-oh-oh [Bb] oh It's always a [Cm] good time. [Bb][Eb] 1. Woke up on the right [Cm] side of the bed [Eb] What's up with this [Bb] Prince song inside my head Hands [Eb] up if you're down to get down…

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  • ONE THINGSáng tác: Ns One Direction

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      [D] I've tried [A] playing it [D] cool [D] Girl when I'm [A] looking at [G] you I can [A] ever be [Bm] brave Cause [G] you make my [A] heart [D] race Shot me out [A] of the [D] sky You're my [A] krypto-[G] nite You keep me [A] making me [Bm] weak…

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  • RENDEZ VOUSSáng tác: Khuyết danh

    Intro: [Bbm] | [Gb] | [Ab]-[Bbm] [Bbm] 1, 2, 3, 4. Verse 1: Met you in the water, oh, [Gb] oh [Ab7] Swimming in the [Bbm] shallow of my [Gb] heart Went a little [Bbm] deeper, oh, [Gb] oh I knew that we were [Bbm] perfect from the [Gb] sta-a-[Ab] art. Chorus: Oh baby, [Bbm]

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  • Love's Old Sweet SongSáng tác: Khuyết danh

        Once in the dear dead days beyond recall. When on the world the mists began to fall, Out of the dreams that rose in happy throng Low to our hearts love sang an old sweet song And in the dusk where fell the firelight gleam Softly it wove itself into our dream Just…

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  • LOVE SONG TO THE EARTHSáng tác: Nhiều nhạc sĩ

      Intro: [F#m] | [Bm] | [A] | [A] This is [Gbm] an open letter From [Bm7] you and me together Tomor - [A] row's in our hands now [Gbm] Find the words that matter [Bm] Say them out loud And [A] make it better somehow Pre-Chorus: [D] Looking down from up [Gbm] on the…

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  • SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOUSáng tác: Nhạc ngoại

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    Intro: [A] | [Gbm7] | [B] | [Asus4] | [A] | [Gbm] | [Bm][E] A [D] few stolen [Gbm7] moments is all that we [E] share You've got your [Gbm7] family, and [B] they need you [E] there Though I've [Gbm] tried to resist, being last on your list But [A] no other [Gbm]

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  • CRUSHSáng tác: Khuyết danh

    Intro (Jennifer Paige): [Dbm] | [Dbm][Dbm] | [Dbm][Dbm] [Gbm/Db] | [Gbm/Db] | [Gbm/Db] 1. [Dbm] See ya blowin' me a kiss It doesn't take a scientist To understand what's going on baby If you see something in my eye Let's not over analyze Don't go too deep with it baby. [Gbm/Db] So let it be…

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  • TOUCH ME WHEN WE'RE DANCINGSáng tác: Khuyết danh

    Intro (The Carpenters): [G] | [Em7] | [C] | [Am7] | [G] | [Em] | [C] | [Am7] 1. [G] Play us a song we can [Em] slow dance [C] On we wanna hold each [G] -other Play us a groove so we [Em] hardly move [C] Just let our hearts be to-[G] gether Oh…

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  • ANYWHERE I GOSáng tác: Khuyết danh

      Intro: [Bm] | [D] | [A] | [G] | [Bm] Verse 1: There's a part of [D] me That's lying under- [A] neath That wants to see the [G6] darker side [Bm] Nothing I won't [Bm] try Once or maybe [A] twice Are you down to [G] take the [A] ride? [Bm] Pre-Chorus: Living so [D]

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  • SO THIS IS CHRISTMASSáng tác: Ns Celine Dion

      So this is [C] Christmas [G]-[Gm7] And [C] what have you [Dm] done? [A] A-[Dm] nother year [C] over [G]-[Dm] And a [Em7] new one just [C] begun [Cm] And [Am] so this is [F] Christmas [F] I hope you have [Gm] fun [Gm] The near and the dear one [C]-[Gsus4] The [Am7] old and the [F] young [Fsus4] A [F] very…

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  • SILENT NIGHTSáng tác: Ns Michael Bublé

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    Intro (Alan Jackson): [G] | [G] | [G] | [D] | [D7][G] | [G][C][C] [G][G] | [C] | [C] | [G] | [G][D][D] | [Em] [Em] | [C] | [G][D] | [G] | [C]-[G] | [G][G] [G] Silent [Bm7] night, [G] holy night [D] All is calm,…

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  • VERSACE ON THE FLOORSáng tác: Nhiều nhạc sĩ

      Verse 1: Let's take our [Gbm7] time tonight, girl Above us all the stars are [G] watchin' [D] There's no place [Em] I'd rather be [Gbm7] in this [G] world Your [Gsus4] eyes are where I'm [G] lost in [Am/C] Underneath the [Bsus4] chande-[Gbm] lier We're [G6] dancin' all [Gm] alone There's no [Em7] reason…

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