Nhạc Anh

  • NEVER BE MINESáng tác: Kate Bush

    Intro: [Em] | [C] | [G] | [G] This [Em] world is spinning so fast My world is [C] spinning so slowly [G] | [Em]  I’m holding onto the [C] past I’m living deep in the [G] lonely [G]  I [Em] let myself slip a-[C] way And let the midnights [G] control me [G]  I…

  • MY LOVESáng tác: Ns Westlife

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      Hợp âm dạo: [Dm] | [G] | [F] | [C] | [C] Dm Am G F start strumimg C \ E|--1--------1--|--------------|--------------|--1--------0--| B|--------3-----|--1-----------|--3-----1--0--|--1-----0--1--| G|-----2--------|--------2-----|--4-----------|--2--------0--| D|--0-----------|--------------|--5-----------|--3--------2--| A|--------------|--0-----------|--5-----------|--3--------3--| E|--------------|--------------|--3-----------|--1-----------|   1. An [C] empty street and [G] empty house A [Bsus4] hole inside my [Am] heart I'm [F] all alone The rooms are getting [Gsus4] maller.[G] I…

  • LOVE STORYSáng tác: Ns Taylor Swift

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    Intro: [D] | [D] | [A] | [A] | [Bm] | [Bm] | [Em] | [Em7]  Verse 1: [D] We were both young when I first saw you I [G] close my [Em7] eyes and the flashback [E] starts I'm standing [Bm] there on a [D] balcony in summer [E] air [Em7]  [D] See the…

  • FADEDSáng tác: Alan Walker

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      Intro: [Dm] | [Bb] | [F] | [C][Dm] (Capo I.) You were the shadow to my [Bb] light Did you feel us [F] Another [C] Start, You fade away. [Dm] Afraid our aim is out of [Bb] sight Wanna see us [F] .... A-[Am] light. Where are you [Dm] now [Bb] Where are you [F] now [C]

  • LET IT SNOWSáng tác: Khuyết danh

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    Intro: [Cm] | [Eb] | [Fm7] Oh, the weather [Gm] outside is [Eb] frightful, But the [Gm7] fire is so de-[F] lightful, [Bb] And since we've no [C/E] place to go, [D] Let it snow, let it [Gm] snow, let it [D] snow. It [Fsus4] doesn't show signs of stopping, [Ab] And I [Eb/G] brought some corn…

  • ALWAYS SOMEWHERESáng tác: Ns Scorpions

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    Intro: [C] | [G] | [F] | [Em]-[Am][C] | [G] | [F] | [Em]-[Am] [C] | [G] | [F] | [Em]-[Am][C] | [G] | [F] | [E]-[Am][C] | [G] | [F] | [Em]-[Am] | [C] | [G] | [F] | [Em]-[Am][Am7][C] Arrive at [G] seven the [Em7] place feels [Am]

  • BARBIE GIRLSáng tác: Nhóm Aqua

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    (Hợp âm của Meo tom bat ca): [Am]-[Dm] | [Ab] Hi, Barbie [C] Hi, Ken ! Do you wanna go for a [Dm] ride ? Sure, [Ab] Ken ! Jump in... [Am] I'm a Barbie [Dm] girl, [G] in a Barbie [C] world [Am] Life in [Dm] plastic, [G] it's fantastic [Am] You can brush my…

  • LUSH LIFESáng tác: Nhạc ngoại

    Intro: [Em] | [C]-[Gm] | [F]-[Eb] | [C]-[C]-[F] I live my day as if [Eb] it was the [Cm] last Live my [Eb] day as [Gm] if there was no [F] past Doin' it all [Eb] night, all sum-[Cm] mer Doin' it the [Gm] way I wanna [F] Yeah, I'ma dance my [Eb] heart out…

  • I SEE THE LIGHTSáng tác: Khuyết danh

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    Intro: [C] | [C] | [C][C] 1. [C] All those days watching from the windows All those years outside looking [C/G] in All that [F] time [C/E] never even [G] knowing [C] Just how [D] blind I've [G] been. [G] Now I'm [C] here, blinking in the starlight Now I'm here, suddenly I see Standing [F] here, it's [Bm] all so [Em] clear I'm [Am] where I'm [D] meant to [Gm] be. Chorus: And…

  • DANGEROUSSáng tác: Khuyết danh

    Don't [Ebm] know anything about you [Db] So [Bbm] close, just a touch away [Ebm] Your love [Gb] hits me like no other [Db] | [Bb] They [Ebm] say I'm a [Gb] true believer I [Db] know something's taking [Abm] over now I wanna run but I [Bbm] don't know [Ebm] how You just crossed…

  • I’m Good (Blue)Sáng tác: Khuyết danh

    Intro: [Gm] | [Gm] | [Gm7] | [G] | [Gm] | [Gm] [Gm] I'm good, yeah, I'm feelin' alright Baby, I'ma have the best fuckin' night of my life And whe-[Eb] rever it takes me, I'm down for the ride Baby, don't you know I'm [Gm] good, yeah, I'm feelin' alright 'Cause I'm good, yeah,…

  • CHÚC MỪNG SINH NHẬTSáng tác: Nhạc ngoại

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    [C] | [C] | [C] | [D] | [G] | [G] | [C] | [D]-[G] Mừng ngày [C] sinh một đóa [D] hoa. Mừng ngày [C] sinh một khúc [G] ca. Mừng ngày [G] đã sinh cho cuộc [Em] đời Một bông [C] hoa xinh rực [D] rỡ. Cuộc đời [C] em là đóa [D]