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Nhịp điệu Slow Surf
Thể loại Nhạc Anh
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Hình ảnh thành viên TRAN Imrich

Người đăng:

TRAN Imrich


Số bài đăng: 1741

Sheet music

Nhạc phim "Cenerentola '80"

Intro: [C] | [Em] | [C] | [C] | [Gsus4] | [C]

You are my [Am] life.
You are [Dm] my only one de-[Em] sire!
You're the [A/Db] air that I breathe to-[Dsus4] night...
Won't you [F] stay here be-[G] side me? [C] Stay! [Eb]
[Ab] When I see [Fm] you there's a glow from the stars a-[Cm] bove.
Guess they [F/A] know that I'm so in [Bbm] love...
Yes, I'll [Eb] stay here beside you, [Cm] stay... [F]-[G]
[C] Day after [Am] day feeling [C] low in the evening [Em] sun,
Still you [A/Db] came and you were the [Dm] one.
Now I'll [G] stay here beside you, [C] stay... [Gm]-[C]

[F] Well remembered [G] dreams of a [Em] foolish parade.
Didn't [Am] need to persuade you...
[F] Hungry for a s-[Gm] mile...
In the [Gm/Bb] morning moonlight that'll [Am] be al-[A7] right with [F] you [Dm]-[F]
Take my [C] hand. [C/G]

[C] All I can [Am] do is to [Dm7] dream of you all day [Em] through.
Close my [Am] eyes- all I [Am7] see is [Dm] you.
[G] [C] Yes, I'll [G] stay here beside you [C] stay. [Eb]

[Ab] | [Fm] | [Fm] | [C] | [F] | [Bbm]

[Eb] | [Cm] | [F] | [G]

[C] Stay by my [Am] side!
You're the [B7] air that I breathe to-[Em] night...
All I [A/Db] want is to [Esus4] hold you [Dm] tight!
[F] Yes, I'll [G/B] stay here be-[Em] side you, [Gm] stay fo-[Am] rever...
[Dsus4] Here we'll [Dm7] stay to-[Csus4] night, [F] here [Dm] we'll [C] stay...

[C] | [Gsus4] | [C]

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