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  • BEAUTIFUL IN WHITESáng tác: Ns Shane Filan

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    Intro (Shane Filan): [C] | [Em/B] | [Am7] | [Em] | [F] | [C] | [G] | [G] 1. [C] Not sure if you [G/B] know this [F] But when we [C] first met [F] I got so [C] nervous [F] I couldn't [G] speak [C] In that very [G] moment [F] I [C] found the one and [F] My…

    Nhạc AnhBallad
  • Amazing GraceSáng tác: Khuyết danh

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      Hợp âm dạo (Capo I.): [D] | [G] | [D] | [G] | [D] | [D] | [G][D]-mazing Grace, how [G] sweet the [F#m] sound, That [D] saved a wretch like [A] me. I [D] once was lost but [G] now am [D] found, Was [Bm] blind, but [D] now I see. T'was Grace that…

    Nhạc AnhBoston
  • HELLOSáng tác: Ns Adele

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    Hợp âm dạo: [Fm/C] | [Ab] | Eb] | [Db] 1. He-[Fm] llo [Ab] , it's [Eb] me [Db] I was [Fm] wondering If [Ab] after all these [Eb] years You'd like to [Db] meet To go [Fm] over [Ab] , Every-[Db] thing [Db] They say that [Fm] time's supposed to [Ab] heal Yeah but I [Eb] ain't…

    Nhạc AnhBlues
  • HOTLINE BLINGSáng tác: Ns Drake

      Hook: [G] You used to call me on [Dm] my, You used to, [G] you used to [G][G] You used to call me on my [Dm] cell phone [Dm] Late night when you [Am] need my love Call me on my [Dm] cell phone [Dm] Late night when you [Esus4] need my [Am] love I know…

    Nhạc AnhSurf
  • HOLIDAYSáng tác: Klaus Meine

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      Intro: [D] | [Dm] | [Dm] | [A] | [A] [Dm/F] | [Dm] | [Bb] | [A] | [A7][A] | [F/C] [Bb] | [A] | [A][Dm] | [Bb] | [A] | [A] [Dm7] Let me take you far away Youd [C] like a [A] holi-[Dm] day [Dm] Let me take you far away…

    Nhạc AnhBallad
  • THAT GIRLSáng tác: Khuyết danh

    Intro: There's a [Gb] girl but I [Ab] let her get [Bbm] away It's all my [Gb] fault cause [Ab] pride got in the [Bbm] way And I'd be [Gb] lying if I [Ab] said I was ok-[Bbm] ay Anout that [Gb] girl the [Ab] one I let get a-[Bbm] way. Verse 1: [Ab] I…

    Nhạc AnhRock Ballad
  • SAY YOU'LL BE MINESáng tác: Khuyết danh

    Intro: [E] | [B] | [A] | [B] | [E] Say you'll be mine. [A]-[E/B] | [Dbm]-[B] | [A]-[B] | [E] | [Dbm7] 1. Baby I was hypnotized [B] When I looked into your eyes [E] Saw the love I'd been [B] waiting [A] for [Dbm7] Couldn't help but [B/Eb] fantasize [E] 'Bout a world where [B] you and…

    Nhạc AnhDisco
  • FINE BY MESáng tác: Khuyết danh

      Intro: [Dm] | [C] | [Dm] | [F]  [Bbmaj7] She doesn't [Dm] call be-[Am] fore mid-[Bbmaj7] night, if at [F] all Oh, [Dm] she never stays to watch the [Bbmaj7] night [F] turn to day Pre-Chorus: But I'm like [Dm] use me baby, anyway you want [C] I wish you were [Cm] mine in…

    Nhạc AnhChưa chọn
  • LET IT GOSáng tác: Robert Lopez

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    The [Fm] snow glows white on the [Db] mountain tonight Not a [Eb] footprint to be seen [Bbsus]-[Bbm] A [Fm] kingdom of i-so-la-[Db] tion, And it [Eb] looks like I'm the queen [Bbsus]-[Eb] [Fm] The wind is [Db] howling like this Bb] swirling storm inside [Bbsus]-[Bbm]-[Fm] Couldn't keep it [Bb] in, heaven knows [Bb] I…

    Nhạc AnhChưa chọn
  • BEFORE I FALL IN LOVESáng tác: Khuyết danh

    Intro: [Ab] | [Cm7] | [Bb] | [Bbm] [Ebadd9]-[Fm7] | [Cm7] | [Db] | [Csus4] 1. My heart says [C7] we've got something [Gm] real Can I trust the way I feel [Bb] Cuz my [Fsus4] heart's been [Am7] through it before [Gm7] Am [F] I'm just [Gm/Bb] seeing what I [Am7] want to [Dm] see [Gm]

    Nhạc AnhSlow Ballad
  • FULL SPEED AHEADSáng tác: Khuyết danh

    Intro: [E]-[A] | [A] | [E]-[A][E]-[A] Full [E] speed [Gbm] ahead you [A] heard what I just [Gbm]  said [E] And [A] don’t look back it’s time to get away [E] [B] Don’t waste your time [E] ‘cause [B] that would be a [E] crime You’ve got a [Gb] plan don’t [E] wait another [A] day [E]

    Nhạc AnhSwing
  • HELLOSáng tác: Lionel Richie

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      Intro: [Am] | [G6] | [Fmaj7] | [G6] | [Fmaj7] | [Am] | [G6] | [Fmaj7] | [G6] | [Fmaj7] I've [Am] been alone with [G6] you inside my [Fmaj7] mind [G6] | [Fmaj7] And [Am] in my dreams I've [G6] kissed your lips [Fmaj7] a thousand times [G6] | [Fmaj7] I [Am] sometimes…

    Nhạc AnhSlow Ballad