Nhạc Anh

  • LET ME FALLSáng tác: Jim Corcoran

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    Intro: [Bbm] | [Bbm] | [Bbm] | [Bbm] [Bbm] Let me [F/A] fall [F] Let me [Bbm] climb [Bbm] There's [Dm] a mo-[Ebm] ment when [Bbm/F] fear And dreams must [Bbm] collide. [Bbm] Someone I am Is [Gb] waiting for [Eb] courage [Bbm] The one I [Ebm] want The one I [Gbm] will become Will…

  • AND I LOVE HERSáng tác: Ns Paul McCartney

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    Intro (The Beatles): [Gbm] | [Gbm] | [E] | [E] | [Gbm] I give her [Dbm] all my love [Gbm] That's all I [Dbm] do [Gbm] And if you [Dbm7] saw my love [A] You'd love her [Bm] too I love [E] her. [Bsus4]-[E][Gbm] She gives me [Dbm] everything [Gbm] And tender-[Dbm] ly [Gbm] The kiss my [Dbm] lover brings [A]

  • NO MATTER WHATSáng tác: Nhóm Boyzone

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    Intro (Boyzone): [A] | [A][D] | [D][D] | [D][Bm] | [A][A] 1. No matter what they [Dbm] tell us [A] , No matter what they [D] do [Bm] No matter what they teach us [Esus4] , what we believe is [Am] true [Gbm]-[A] No matter [Em] what they [A] call us [A] however they…

  • FIVE HUNDRED MILESSáng tác: Ns Peter, Paul and Mary

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      Hợp âm dạo: [A] | [F#m] | [Bm] | [Bm][Bm] | [E] | [A] | [A] If you [A] miss the train I'm [F#m] on You will [Bm] know that I am gone You can hear the whistle [E] blow a hundred [A] miles.[A] A hundred miles, a hundred [F#m] miles A hundred [Bm]

  • STAYSáng tác: Khuyết danh

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    Nhạc phim "Cenerentola '80" Intro: [C] | [Em] | [C] | [C] | [Gsus4] | [C] You are my [Am] life. You are [Dm] my only one de-[Em] sire! You're the [A/Db] air that I breathe to-[Dsus4] night... Won't you [F] stay here be-[G] side me? [C] Stay! [Eb] [Ab] When I see [Fm] you…

  • CRY ON MY SHOULDERSáng tác: Khuyết danh

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    Intro: [F] | [G] | [Em] | [Am] | [F] [G] | [Dm] | [Gsus4] | [Gsus4] 1. If the [C] hero never [Dm] comes to you [G] If you need someone you're [C] feeling [C/G] blue [C] If you're away from love and [Dm] you're alone [G] If you call your friends and no-[C] body's home [C] You…

  • STILL LOVING YOUSáng tác: Ns Scorpions

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    Intro: [Eb] | [B]-[E][Eb][Abm] [Abm] | [E] | [E] | [Eb7] | [Eb7][Ebm7] [Abm] | Time, it needs time To win back your love again I will be [Bb] there [Bb], I will be [Eb] there [Eb] [Abm] Love, only love Can bring back your love someday I will be [Bb] there…

  • THE DAY YOU WENT AWAYSáng tác: Wendy Matthews

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      Intro: [Bm] | [A] | [G]  | [F#] | [Bm] | [A] | [G] | [F#]  1. Well I [Bm] wonder could it [A] be When I was [G] dreaming about you baby You were [F#] dreaming of me Call me [Bm] crazy, call me [A] blind To still be [G] suffering is stupid after [Em7] all of this [F#] time. Did I [D] lose my love to…

  • HAPPY NEW YEARSáng tác: Nhóm ABBA

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    Intro: [G] | [G] | [G] | [G] | [G] | [D] 1. No more cham-[Am7] pagne And the [G/B] fireworks are through Here we [C] are, me and [G/B] you Feeling [Am7] lost and feeling [D] blue It's the [G] end of the [Am7] party And the [G/B] morning seems so grey So un-[C]

  • TAKE ME TONIGHTSáng tác: Khuyết danh

    Intro (Alexander Klaws): [Db] | [Db] | [Ab] Ooh [Ab] baby when I look into your [Bbm7] eyes feels good to [Ab] me feel the [Bbsus4] paradies like fanta-[Ab] sy you're my [Bbm] angel, my guardian [Eb] angel oh [Ab] memories I [Eb/Bb] feel it in my heart I [Eb] feel it in my [Ab] soul [Ab] we'll [Bbsus4] never ever fall a-[Eb] part don't let me [Ab] go [Ab] baby…

  • FOR THE CHILDRENSáng tác: Dieter Bohlen

    [Db] | [Db] | [Bbm] | [Db] | [Bbm] [Ebm7] | [F] | [Db]-[B] | [Bb]-[Ab] | [Ab] | [Ab] There's a [Ab] child who dies by hunger There's a [Gb7] child who dies in [Bbm] war And the [Ebm] need of help gets stronger There's so much we can't ig- [Ab] nore There's a child who…

  • TEAR IN HEAVENSáng tác: Ns Eric Clapton

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    Intro (Eric Clapton): [A] | [E/Ab]-[Gbm] | [E]-[D/Gb] | [E7]-[A] | [A] Would you [E] know my [Gbm] name [A]-[D/Gb] If I [A] saw you in hea-[E] ven? [E]-[A] Would it [E] be the [Gbm] same [A]-[D/Gb] If I [A] saw you in hea-[E] ven? [A]-[Gbm] I must be [Db/F] strong [Em] And carry [Gb]